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"Fellowship is a place of grace, where mistakes aren't rubbed in but rubbed out. Fellowship happens when mercy wins over justice."

C.S. Lewis

The #1 community for forex traders looking to share, learn & grow. 

What Is The Forex Fellowship?

Be a part of an active, global community of likeminded forex traders who's mission is to create a friendly, valuable and nurturing environment for all traders, old or new. 

As we share this trading journey together and work towards a collective goal, we're all here to help eachother and grow together.

Why Forex Fellowship?

✓    Tight knit, trusted community

✓    Friendly, no-shit policy

✓    Learn, share and grow together

✓    Unique guides and resources

✓    Honesty and transparency

✓    Access to leading resources

✓    Diversity from all walks of life

✓    Free, for life! 

Why are traders like you joining the Forex Fellowship?




As a forex trader, you're not short on resources where you can start to learn the exciting industry that we're in. However, there's no one trusted, active community that aims to stamp out hyperbole and create a friendly, nurturing environment for all of it's members - for free!

Read through and contribute to leading guides, resources and discussion

Share your journey and gain valuable advice, hints and tips from forex veterans

Meet, greet and forge strong relationships with your fellow community members

✓    Friendly discussions         

✓    Detailed strategies and guides

✓    Approved and trusted resources       

✓    Content for new and veteran traders       

✓    Success stories, case studies and live trade journals

What's inside the community?

We're on a mission to make the Forex Fellowship one of the friendliest, most active forex communities out there. With a focus on adding value, demystifying the markets and filtering out scam and spam we're here to help eachother.

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Forex Fellowship is the first place I've felt comfortable with sharing my trading journey, asking questions and soaking up knowledge. There's no judgement, no sarcasm, just clean, friendly and actionable advice that has allowed me to reall up my trading game.


Adam Filan - @FilanFantastic

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